Tea Tree Shampoo

Size: 100ml


Tea Tree Shampoo:

Nourish, refreshing and oil control! With coconut oil to improve the health of the scalp and Lauric acid to strengthen the hair condition and help hair growth.

  1. Treats scalp conditions: Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Using a tea tree shampoo can help treat various scalp conditions such as dandruff, dry scalp, and itchy scalp.

  2. Promotes healthy hair: Tea tree oil has been found to unclog hair follicles, which can improve hair growth. It also helps to balance the oil production in the scalp, reducing issues like oily hair. Overall, using tea tree shampoo can result in healthier and stronger hair.

  3. Soothes scalp irritation: If you have a sensitive scalp or experience scalp irritation, tea tree shampoo can provide relief. Its natural properties can help soothe inflamed skin, reducing itchiness and redness.

  4. Natural alternative: Tea tree shampoo is often a more natural alternative to conventional shampoos that contain harsh chemicals, making it a healthier option for your hair and scalp.

  5. Refreshing scent: Tea tree oil has a distinct, refreshing scent that can leave your hair smelling clean and invigorated.

It's important to note that everyone's hair and scalp differ, so it might not work the same way for everyone. It's always best to try out a small amount first and see how your hair and scalp react before committing to regular use

Applicable people: General
Net content: 100ml

Packing list
Shampoo x1