Gua Sha Massager Crystal

Color: 1style


Gua Sha Health massager

Beauty Instrument Transparent Crystal: On the face, Gua Sha is known to decrease puffiness, promote anti-aging, improve elasticity, detoxify the skin, rebuild collagen and improve skin tone. It's like a natural face-lift — one that leaves your skin looking younger, firmer and brighter.

Shape: Roller claw horn suit + box, roller heart-shaped suit + box, white crystal roller, claw horn scraper, heart scraper, S-shaped scraper, shield scraper, box

Product category: Gua Sha sheet/board
Specification: 145*58*25mm(1style / 2style / 3style / 4style / 5style / 6style / 7style )

Packing list:
Gua Sha tablets x1