Scar Removal Cream

Product: Scar Removal
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Effective Scar Removal Cream

Function: Removal stretch marks, surgical scars, acne removal scars, removal burn removal scars, removal scar hyperplasia, removal bruises essence. It softens tissue, repair cells, improves skin radiance, reduces melanin deposition, promotes stratum corneum and repairs the skin.

Benefit: Improves, heals and lightens scars long-lasting and proven results on old and new scars advanced technology.

The truth about the scar removal cream:

▶Contains rich plant extracts, can restore dry skin's rehydration ability, promote skin repair, strengthen skin cells against free radicals and external pressure, promote skin repair and regeneration, dilute scars and acne marks, improve skin gloss, and improve skin roughness.
▶Helps reduce the appearance of most types of scars including C-sections, post-surgery, tummy tucks, old scars, keloids, stretch marks, burn scars and more.

▶Usage method:
1. Clean the scar
2. Extrude an appropriate amount of cream, apply it on the scar, and gently massage until it is absorbed
3. Use three times a day