O.TWO.O Four-color Contour

Color: N9110B No.1


 O.TWO.O Four-color Contour


N9110B: No. 1: Pearl white is used to brighten the T-zone, cheekbones, chin and other three colors. It is suitable for a variety of skin tones to modify the facial contours to achieve the effect of [thin face and three-dimensional].

N9110B: No. 2: Blush for bronze and tender skin tone, enhance facial complexion with natural pearlescent for brightening T-zone, cheekbones and chin, and medium coffee for contouring. For neutral natural skin tones

N9110B: No. 3: Bronze is suitable for natural yellowish skin tones and looks healthy and lively. Deep peach color is suitable for natural and healthy skin tone and looks dignified and pretty. Nude skin tone, light pink is suitable for fair skin tone, enhances the overall complexion and shows rosy color.

N9110B: No. 4: Dark skin is suitable for naturally dark skin, more natural and healthy peach red (pearl) is suitable for fair skin, radiant nude skin is suitable for fair skin, enhances the overall complexion Orange red (pearl) is suitable for yellowish skin, can achieve brightening skin tone effect




Product information:

Color number: N9110B: No. 1, N9110B: No. 2, N9110B: No. 3, N9110B: No. 4


Packing list:

Contour disc*1