Color: Blue 50ml
quantity: 1pcs



Reasons why you should choose REVERIE DIARY sunscreen:

1. Moisturizing like lotion:
Refreshing water feel goodbye to sticky
2. Natural moisturizing skin feel:
Lightweight, not easy to whiten, comfortable
Suitable for skin and not easy to float powder
3. Fast film formation:
Fast film formation, moisturizing and long-lasting makeup
4. Cleansing is removable:
The choice for lazy protection

Refreshing protective cream 01# blue 50ml, Refreshing protective cream: 

Suitable for oily skin | Quick fit | Refreshing | Repair after sun | Isolation cream 50 | Vitamion E

02# yellow 50ml, Magic Family Care Sunscreen:

This soft cream type could be softly spread on face which then protects skin from sun and its moisturizing component provides water to the face keeping it moist. It contains aloe vera extract which relieves skin irritation.

Suitable for dry skin | Smoothing | Brightening | Last lasing makeup.


Product category: Sunscreen lotion/cream
Product name: Refreshing protective isolation cream.
Skin Type/Applicable people: General
Sun Protection Index: SPF50
Sun protection area: face/body 
Efficacy: sun protection/moisturizing

Packing list: