Shoulder Brace

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Shoulder Brace

Dislocation | Injury | Arthritis Pain | Shoulder Support

Unhealthy lifestyles generally led to body pain, muscle injuries, joint pains, and other physical ailments. The Shoulder support strap is specifically designed to overcome these issues effectively.

Get Support and Speed up the Recovery – Support to an injured limb speeds up the healing by providing the required support and allowing rest to the injured muscles. Shoulder braces snugly fit the body and provide comfort.

Increased Sense of Receptors – Researches have shown that compression of the shoulder assists in sending receptors to the brain about the position of the shoulder. This awareness helps in getting knowledge of arm-position and force required through better coordination.

Strengthen The Muscles – Shoulder straps generally have Neoprene material that puts resistance to shoulder movement. This resistance led muscles to work harder for movements, thus resulting in muscle strengthening.


Shoulder strap protection type sports fitness one-shoulder strain shoulder protector sports compression adjustable shoulder protector

This kind of shoulder support is suitable for almost all sports and sports activities.

Suitable for sprains, strains, shoulder pain and arthritis.

This is useful if you need comprehensive support and protection.

It is suitable for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

Product information:

Main material: T cloth

Specification: Free size

Applicable people: Adults

Applicable sports: Basketball

Applicable scenarios: Running sports, Fitness equipment, Health massage, Fitness and body

Color: Gray + Black without perforation, black without perforation, black with perforation

Material: Neoprene

Dimensions: Length 92 cm * Width 33 cm

1 bust (suitable for 31 inch -55 inch bust)

2 Underarm adjustment (suitable for arm circumferences from 9 inches to 17 inches)