Facial Lifting & Thinning Face

Color: White
power: USB
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Facial Lifting & Thinning Face

Achieve a youthful, V-shaped face now: This innovative device offers 5 vibration modes, 10 intensity levels, and 2 types of infrared light that deeply penetrate the skin, stimulating blood circulation. Say hello to your desired V-face in no time at all.

EMS Micro Current: Activate deep muscle cells and boost production of collagen, effectively reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and tighten the skin.

What are the bebenfits:

1. Red infrared ray provides hot compress, can promote blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, skin repairing.

2. Blue ray therapy can relieve skin inflammation, calm the skin, clean and sterilize the skin, reduce acne, wrinkles and scars, shrink pores.

3. There are 5 optional modes including automatic, massage, knead, needle, thrash, with red light alternating with blue light therapy. It effectively activate skin cells metabolism to accelerate skin repairing and strengthen skin elasticity for facial lifting and tightening effect.

4. High frequency vuration:  It offers 10 vibration levels to help relax facial muscles, improve the strength of micro muscles, increase the flexibility of the face, fully lift and tighten facial muscles, and shape face.

5. The device gets fully charged in 2 hours and can support 12-15 times of use. It will auto shut down in 15 minutes.



Function: negative ion, infrared, color light
color: White
Product material: ABS
Battery capacity: lOOOOmAH
Output voltage: 3.7V
Maximum power: 7W
Quiescent current: 100uA
Size Information: Product size: about 170x110x500mm

Package Content: 

1x face-lifting device 

1x USB cable 

1x manual