O.TWO.O Concealer

Color: 01 brighten color


Moisturizing Concealer

Imperceptible high coverage technique in concealer: Coated pigments can immediately adhere to the skin to reduce dark circles, fine lines and spots.

The liquid soothing moisturizer can instantly capture and scatter the skin's light, and it looks bright, flawless and fresh all day long.

Four color numbers, personalized skin brightening:

01: Brighten skin tone: Suitable for extremely white skin tone

02: light beige: suitable for white and pink skin tones

03: Natural color: suitable for natural or light yellow skin

04: Wheat color: suitable for darker or darker skin tones

Brush head design: the inclined brush head is accurate and suitable for easy removal

Soft down: silky, soft and comfortable touch

The top of the brush head: cover spots on the skin, suitable for smaller local areas

The side of the brush head: cover a larger area of spots to balance the skin tone, suitable for large areas

Package Included:

1 piece of O.TWO.O liquid concealer