MELAO Beard Growth kit

style: Three item


MELAO Beard Growth kit

Natural and mild ingredients can effectively stimulate the skin cells to accelerate the beard growth or reduce hair loss conditions, non-toxic and safe, can be widely applicable to most people without hurting your skin.


1.Use medical alcohol to disinfect the derma roller and the area of the skin which are treated.

2. Wash your face.

3.Apply gentle pressure on your skin and area to stimulate hair growth. This Micro Roller is not designed to puncture the skin.

4. Apply beard growth serum onto the treated area .

5. Roll the derma roller back and forth 4/5 times in each direction horizontrally,vertically and diagonally (refer to fingures) on the area you wish to treat . Maintaining the same speed and presure to created more micro vessels.

6. Use daily in the morning and evening for optimal results.  

Product Specification:

Product name: three-piece beard box
Product composition: beard oil + beard cream + beard roller + cloth bag (including 
Cosmetic effect: moisturize and soften skin
Natural Ingredients
Applicable people: men