Golden Age Facial Cleanser

Product: Facial Cleanser


Golden Age Facial Cleanser

Golden Age Deep Cleansing Facial Wash is formulated with Pomegranate Extract and Lactic Acid to remove makeup residue and deep pore cleansing for smooth and plump skin.



1.Removes Makeup: Removes makeup in one step.

2.Deep Cleansing: Gently clean dirt or dust to the deepest skin layer.

3.Hydrating: It helps to improve skin hydration to prevent signs of aging.

Ingredients that work:

Punica Granatum Extract: Pomegranate Extract helps to treat damaged skin and prevent signs of aging.

Lactic Acid: Includes AHA to exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

Golden Age Set: Everything your skin needs.

Golden Age Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

Product: Facial Cleanser
Foaming degree: Foaming cleanser
Net content: 100g (g/ml)
Cosmetic efficacy: moisturizing, hydrating, deep cleaning
Ingredients: Butylene Glycol

Packing list:
Facial cleanser x1